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SidePack 2 HD WIFI Sewer Inspection Monitor

SidePack 2 HD WIFI Sewer Inspection Monitor

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The Sidepack 2 HD Inspection Monitor is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance your inspection capabilities. It comes standard with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to view your camera inspections in real time on your smartphone or tablet. 

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi Capability: View your camera inspections live on your smartphone or tablet, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Mobile App Compatibility: A free app allows you to capture pictures and videos of your inspections, which can be shared directly with customers via your smartphone.
  • One Touch USB Recording: Easily record inspections with one touch, simplifying data archiving.
  • Social Media Integration: Upload your inspections to popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram for enhanced communication and documentation.
  • 5.5" HD Display: The monitor's high-definition display enables quick and detailed diagnostics.
  • Water Resistant Case: The unit comes with a water-resistant case to protect it in various environments.
  • LED Light Adjustment: Customize the LED lighting for optimal visibility during inspections.
  • Reel Mount Clamps: Securely mount the monitor to your reel for stability and convenience.
  • M18 Milwaukee Battery: The Sidepack includes (1) M18 Milwaukee battery and charger for reliable power.
  • Optional AC Power Pack: An optional AC power pack can be purchased separately for additional power options.
  • Visor: The visor helps shield the screen from glare and external light sources.

Ideal For: The Sidepack 2 HD Inspection Monitor is ideal for professionals who require efficient and versatile inspection capabilities, including:

  • Plumbing and Drain Inspection: Streamline plumbing and drain inspections with real-time viewing, recording, and easy sharing of findings with customers.

  • Construction and Engineering: Document construction projects and inspect structures with ease using the monitor's advanced features.

  • Maintenance and Repair: Conduct equipment and system inspections efficiently and share findings for maintenance and repair purposes.

Experience Enhanced Inspection Efficiency: Upgrade your inspection capabilities with the Sidepack 2 HD Inspection Monitor. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile app compatibility, and one-touch recording, it simplifies inspections and communication with customers. The high-definition display, water-resistant case, and adjustable LED lighting enhance your diagnostic capabilities. Experience the convenience and freedom of Wi-Fi connectivity and take your inspection work to the next level with this versatile monitor.

A free app, easily downloadable, enables you to capture pictures and videos of your inspections and share them directly with your customers via your smartphone. The unit also features one-touch USB recording, enabling you to save and archive your inspection data conveniently. Additionally, you can upload your inspections to popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. The Sidepack 2 HD boasts a 5.5" HD Display for quick diagnostics and includes features such as LED light adjustment and reel mount clamps. With Wi-Fi connectivity, this monitor offers versatility and freedom, allowing you to walk away from your reel to locate or share findings with customers without lugging heavy equipment. This monitor is compatible with RIDGID reels and CustomEyes Camera Reels.

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