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MegaPack2 Sewer Inspection Monitor

MegaPack2 Sewer Inspection Monitor

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The MegaPack sets a new industry standard in quality and function.  This sleek monitor boasts a whopping 13" LED screen that offers clear viewing for quick diagnostics. 


  • LED brightness control dial.
  • Waterproof control box when unit is fully sealed.
  • 13.3” IPS LCD color monitor with standalone power button to turn on/off the screen.
  • On-screen date/time stamp and distance counter.
  • The footage counter reset button can set the footage at any time with the push of a button. (located on side of the reel)
  • Microphone for local audio recording, just one press of the audio button to turn on/off the audio recording. (While USB/SD recording is in process)
  • Wireless keyboard for text input on real-time display/video.
  • The external storage SD Card slot or USB port to store pictures or videos.
  • Milwaukee M18 Battery and Charger
  • AC power cord for 110v power.
  • Built in Wi-Fi (Android/IOS) compatible
  • Ac power pack 

This Monitor is Compatible with any CustomEyes Cameras Reel and is also available for RIDGID reels.

No more lugging your reel on to roofs or through crawl spaces, as this unit comes standard with Wi-Fi. This feature provides you with the freedom to view your camera inspection live from up to 100ft away from your reel.  The MegaPack also works in conjunction with a free downloadable app which enables you to take pictures and videos of your inspection.  Those videos can then be sent directly from your smart device to your customer with ease.  One touch USB and SD photo/video recording is also included with this unit.  Whether you want to email your videos with voiceover, upload them to your website, post them to social media, or text message them to a customer, the versatility of the MegaPack has you covered.


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