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CustomEyes Standard Color Self Leveling Inspection Camera (RIDGID Compatible)

CustomEyes Standard Color Self Leveling Inspection Camera (RIDGID Compatible)

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The Camera Reel for Pipe Inspection is a vital tool for professionals engaged in pipe inspection and maintenance. It offers full compatibility with all CustomEyes and RIDGID sewer inspection monitors, providing a seamless and comprehensive solution for pipe inspection tasks. 

Key Features:

  • 200', 250' or 300' Durable Push Cable: The push cable allows for easy access to pipes and efficient inspection of extended lengths.

  • Color Self-Leveling Camera Head: The self-leveling camera head ensures crystal-clear images, improving the accuracy of your inspections.

  • CustomEyes 512Hz Transmitter: The transmitter enhances your ability to locate and identify issues within pipes.

  • Footage Counter: The easy-to-use footage counter with a keypad simplifies tracking and monitoring during inspections.

  • Ball Guides and Star Guides: Included guides (3"-6" ball guides and 2x3", 2x6" star guides) assist in maneuvering through pipes of various sizes.

  • Convenient Keyboard: Use the keyboard for making pipe reports and notes, enhancing your documentation process.

  • Debris Bag: The debris bag will help you to clean the camera easily.

  • WIFI Option: Connect to your phone or tablet with CustomEyes WIFI reel. Stream crystal clear video to up to five devices! Downloading the free app is a breeze and it only takes seconds to connect. With the app you can take pictures or record videos that you can send to clients. Run with wall power or use the Milwaukee Top Off to run it via M18 battery power.

Ideal For: The Camera Reel for Pipe Inspection is ideal for professionals in various industries, including:

  • Plumbing and Drain Inspection: Improve the efficiency and accuracy of plumbing and drain inspections with this comprehensive camera reel.

  • Construction and Engineering: Use it to document construction projects, inspect structures, and identify potential issues within pipes.

  • Maintenance and Repair: Enhance equipment and system inspections, providing thorough reports and notes for maintenance and repair purposes.

Upgrade Your Pipe Inspections: Elevate your pipe inspection capabilities with the Camera Reel for Pipe Inspection. With its robust features, including a self-leveling camera head, convenient guides, and a user-friendly keypad, it simplifies the inspection process and enhances the quality of your findings. Upgrade your equipment and make pipe monitoring and maintenance easier and more efficient.

With features like a durable push cable, a color self-leveling camera head with crystal view, a CustomEyes 512Hz transmitter, a user-friendly footage counter with an easy-to-use keypad, ball guides (3"-6"), star guides (2x3", 2x6"), a convenient keyboard for pipe reports and notes, and a debris bag, this camera reel is designed to enhance your pipe inspection capabilities and simplify your workflow.

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