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Customeyes Mini Camera Color Self Leveling Inspection Camera (RIDGID Compatible)

Customeyes Mini Camera Color Self Leveling Inspection Camera (RIDGID Compatible)

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Elevate your inspection capabilities with our Universal Camera Reel, expertly crafted for seamless compatibility with all CustomEyes and RIDGID monitors. 

Key Features:

  • 150' or 200' Push Cable: The push cable ensures flexibility and reach for various inspection tasks.

  • Color Self-Leveling Camera Head: The camera head ensures upright and clear imaging, even in challenging environments.

  • Custom Eyes 512 Transmitter: Integrated with a transmitter for efficient localisation during inspections.

  • Footage Counter: The easy-to-use footage counter with a keypad simplifies tracking and monitoring during inspections.

  • Debris Bag: The debris bag will help you to clean the camera easily.

  • Keyboard: A functional keyboard is provided for effortless data input during inspections.

  • Accessory Bag: Stay organized with the included accessory bag to store essential tools and equipment.

  • 2x 3" Star Guides: Enhance camera navigation with the two 3" star guides included in the package.

  • 3-4" Skid: The 3-4" skid aids in smooth navigation through pipes and conduits.

Compatibility: This camera reel is fully compatible with all CustomEyes and RIDGID monitors, ensuring seamless integration with your existing inspection equipment.


  • Plumbing and Drain Inspection: Improve the efficiency and accuracy of plumbing and drain inspections with this comprehensive camera reel.

  • Construction and Engineering: Use it to document construction projects, inspect structures, and identify potential issues within pipes.

  • Maintenance and Repair: Enhance equipment and system inspections, providing thorough reports and notes for maintenance and repair purposes.

This state-of-the-art camera reel is equipped with essential features to enhance your inspection efficiency. From its push cable to the color self-leveling camera head, the kit provides crystal-clear, upright imaging. With the Custom Eyes 512 Transmitter, precise footage tracking, and a range of accessories, this camera reel is your reliable companion for accuracy.

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